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Over 26 years fighting Child Custody Battles, with among the highest success rates in the County.

Child Custody and Support

There are few areas of law more sensitive than child custody. By the time families reach the point of discussing custody in the course of a divorce, tensions are typically running high. Few people want to risk the relationship they have with their children, making the discussion of custody and child support ripe for emotional upheaval.

Southern California Family Law Attorney

Attorney Vincent B. Garcia has been helping families resolve disputes for over 20 years, and he understands how difficult a situation you now find yourself in. You have little choice but to address the problem, but the process may get ugly.

With over two decades of experience, he has a unique perspective on child custody cases and child support disputes, and he wants to put that perspective and experience to use for you. He can help you achieve want you want in your custody and child support negotiations, and may be able to help you resolve the situation without a protracted legal battle.

The best possible solution

No one wants a long, drawn out custody battle. They are expensive and painful for both parties, and should be avoided if they can be. Attorney Vincent B. Garcia will do everything he can to work out an amicable agreement between you and your spouse in all aspects of your divorce. Even as emotions heat up, he will use his considerable skill and experienced to keep the situation under control.

Litigate when necessary

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to come to a peaceable solution between both parties. If your spouse is uninterested in coming to a fair solution, Attorney Vincent B. Garcia is quite capable of taking the situation into the courtroom. It is a sad fact that many of the cases he has taken over the years have been forced along this route, and he is more than capable of litigating on your behalf.

One way or another

Whatever path you are required to take, Attorney Vincent B. Garcia will work tirelessly to ensure you have opportunity to have the relationship you want with your children. Child custody and child support cases are rarely easy, but with skilled legal representation by a trusted family lawyer, you ensure that you are doing everything in your power to achieve your desired outcome.

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